With the heat rising once again outside, you will probably be drinking a lot more cold water than before. For some homes, cold water might not always be readily available from the tap. Why is that? There are multiple reasons why your water might get heated up before it comes out of the tap.

To figure out what could be the cause, you should pay attention to how the water behaves. If the water is warm soon after you turn the tap on, and then cools down after a while, it could be that it is heated up in the pipe by sitting somewhere hot. You should check if there are un-insulated areas of your home where the pipe sits exposed.

If the water comes out cold only in the wintertime, it could be that the pipes are near a heater, such as in-floor heating pipes. This might be difficult to remedy since it might require you to rip up your floors to be able to insulate the pipe.

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