Are there ever disagreements about what the thermostat should be set for in your home? We all have different comfort levels, and this can cause some difficulties in the household. Something to keep in mind, however, is how much you pay for every single degree that you move that dial. The difference can be much bigger than you think. Sometimes, the thermostat itself could be the cause for some fluctuations in the temperature. Especially if your thermostat is very old, you might be dealing with bad electrical connections as well as failing sensors that lead to your temperature not matching what you set your thermostat for. It could be worth it to consider installing a modern, digital thermostat. With a digital thermostat you get the option to set times when you want the temperature adjusted to save money when the house is unoccupied. You could even get a smart thermostat that will figure out what temperature you prefer at certain times, and that will let you control the temperature remotely.

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