Mold has an amazing ability to grow and spread. It is, however, not something that impresses most of us, instead it becomes a major frustration.

While mold can grow anywhere in your home, there are some areas that are much more vulnerable than others. Your bathroom is going to be at high risk for mold. With the chance of water leaking from pipes and faucets, wet towels lying around on the floor, and wet moist air coming from your shower, just to mention a few sources, it is the ideal situation for mold to grow.

An important step in protecting yourself against mold growth is to ensure that the bathroom is well ventilated. If you can, opening a window up will let you get fresh air in the bathroom. Having a ceiling fan that functions well is also very important, since it will funnel the moist air outside. You should also be careful not to let wet towels or clothes lie around for a long time in your bathroom.

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